Energy management takes center stage at APSEZ. At our ports, energy is consumed for both operational and administrative activities. However the main area where energy demand is high includes crane operations, transportation of goods within port premises, conveyor belts, automatic cargo handling system and provision of electricity to tug boats.

Energy consumption and subsequent emissions both play a significant role in catalysing climate change. GHG emissions are directly related to the amount of energy consumed, which is impacted by the increase in total volume of cargo handled every year. APSEZ continues to invest in improving its energy performance and reducing emissions. The major sources of energy are electricity (purchased from grid), diesel, petrol and furnace oil (FO). Over the years the share of renewable energy into our energy mix has increased. Solar and wind energy forms a part of APSEZ renewable energy portfolio. Currently, our renewable energy capacity, that forms 2% of total energy consumption, is 9.33 MW. This will significantly increase in the future.

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