APSEZ has a dedicated horticulture team in-house that has contributed to afforest mangroves spanning in excess of 2889 hectares. In addition, over a million trees have been planted within our premises.

This has brought appreciation from reputed international organisations such as International Association of Ports and Harbours, which has classified our Mundra Port amongst the greenest port in the world.

The Mundra Port happens to be located in an extremely water scarce arid region of India. However, using the ISO Dutch technology, the saline desert has been transformed into a green oasis . The mangrove cover in the region has grown by 250 Ha (as compared to 2011) that acts as a strong testimony to our sustainable business model. In 2017-18 we signed the India Business and Biodiversity Initiative (IBBI) Declaration to preserve the rich floral and faunal diversity of the region.

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