Turning waste into resource is one of the key objectives of APSEZ’s “Zero Waste initiative”. Our efficient waste management system works to reduce, reuse, recycle, reprocess and recover waste. The waste generated is categorised into hazardous waste and non-hazardous waste.

Hazardous waste includes used oil, oily cotton waste, biomedical waste, e-waste, discarded drums, ETP sludge, pig waste, tank bottom sludge, oil contaminated filters, STP sludge, waste containing oil and lead acid battery. Hazardous waste is disposed in a responsible manner by adopting various methodologies suitable for a particular type of waste through CPCB/ SPCB approved TSDF / CHWIF or recyclers. During the reporting period 378 MT of hazardous waste is disposed.

Non-Hazardous waste such as food waste, garden waste, metal and wooden scrap, packaging material, rubber waste, etc. is generated and disposed. Our MRF facility was developed under “ZERO WASTE” initiative at Mundra and becoming integral part of circular economy.

In 2017-18, we have recycled over 184 MT of hazardous waste and and 500 MT of non-hazardous waste.

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